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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Being My Age written by my baby girl 2008

Being My Age

Most people my age are into so many things like late night parties that usually end up with half of the crowd either pass out or high on weekend nights. You could find some enjoying the latest hits in the theaters with latest hits in the theaters with a nice dinner before. Entertainment for those my age is simple there is the computer for Myspace addicts, the iPods for music lovers and the T.V. of course for those MTV re-runs. A typical day of school: the dreaded wake up call comes first, a race to school to make it to class on time just before the bell rings, sit through the bore and excitement of the four classes required, then end the day by heading off to sports, work or home.
Being me, I find myself on the weekend spending time with my lovely boyfriend, crazy friends and wonderful family. I will say that you will not find me at a party passed out or high on weekend nights. To keep myself entertained I walk on weeknights with my mother, watch my favorite T.V. show, talk to my boyfriend and joke around with my brother. My school day is just like any others, but after school, I go to work with my mom. After work when I arrive home, I finish Homework and relax.
I love you with all heart, Love Mom

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Amanda B said...

I love this, and I love you Mrs. Tammy!!!