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Sunday, February 9, 2014

I’m not alone, I think now as time has passed the emotions forever present, the memories of that Sunday morning February 10th at 9:45am and the days that have followed, have changed me forever more! You’re in my heart and always on my mind our love is special a never-ending gift. A love that’s always there in the presents of our Lord, you’re home now never far from my heart.

The tears will come and the sorrow will be mine, but only for a short time. The silence is only for a short while until I think of you, your smile, the laughter the radiate warmth I feel. The hopelessness it seems only for a moment and then I’m reminded, all the signs of your life they’re all around me. I am filled with joy and sadness If only I hold on, just a little longer, I know my Lord you’ll make me stronger I’m not alone His love will see me through this is my blessed assurance He is mine. He is my comfort in my heartache, for His word has hastened me He will not leave me comfortless; He will come to me I will put all my care upon Him, for He cares for me.
Saying goodbye is hard; what is even harder knowing that the happiness, it will not stay when your heart is so heavy! You don’t want to let go of the sorrow that makes your presence seem to be real! Time stands still, it’s not the sorrow but the goodbye, from the heart of a mom that is broken!  My Lord he is my strength; He gives me guidance and understanding. Knowing that He’ll give me strength to endure. He’s my Shepherd the only One who can fill my soul.  

So for now I’ll rest in His arms as the sorrowfulness surrounds my every pain. The morning will come and I’ll be reminded I’m not alone His arms are holding me, He will see me through I’m not alone!

I adore the smile, I so cherish the hugs, I admire the heart, but most of all I cherish the memories I prayed and still pray that my daughter and son would and will love the Lord Jesus Christ with all their heart, soul, mind and strength!  I love You   your mom

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