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Monday, January 24, 2011

Life is a vapor
So quickly fading
It only lasts a season then it's gone
And I have chosen
To live each moment
Depending on a strength beyond my own

For even thought my weakness
I am learning to believe
That through my silent faith
Somebody will see

When I am gone
What will they say
When I am gone
Will I leave behind a witness
That will carry on
When all the works and deeds that I have done
Dissolve into the past
Lord, let Your fire burn steadfast
When I am gone

I look around me
And see the darkness
Within a world where few are set apart
And then I wonder
Have I been faithful
To share the hope that lives within my heart

For when I tell another
What the savior's love can do
They just might be the one
To reach out to you

Performed by- 4Him

Christmas has come and gone another year has passed

All seems to fade and everyone is back too there everyday.

My love for you sweet girl is evermore strong! Not a day goes by that your precious smiling face gives me great delight and a heart full of greay joy.

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